How Bloateze Works

how it works

Bloateze is recommended for the treatment of symptoms connected to the build-up of gas.


Bloateze relieves the uncomfortable symptoms related to bloating in the stomach and bowels. Bloateze works because it combines the anti-foaming action of simethicone with the gas absorbing action of charcoal.


Bloateze gets to work quickly with the double-layer tablet releasing approximately 50% of the ingredients in the stomach within 15 minutes. The remaining 50% breaks down in the bowels within 60 minutes.


Bloateze is not absorbed into the bloodstream. It gets to work in your stomach and bowel while passing through your digestive system.



Simethicone is called an “anti-foaming” or “anti-surfactant” agent; it works by breaking up the wind that causes bloating. Foam allows trapped gas to be passed.


If you experience pain associated with a bloated feeling this may be caused by the build-up of small gas bubbles trapped in your stomach or intestines.


The Simethicone in Bloateze helps the little trapped gas bubbles combine into bigger bubbles which can be passed from the body more easily.


Simethicone is NOT ABSORBED BY THE BODY into the bloodstream, and is therefore considered relatively safe.

Activated Carbon

Activated carbon, also known as charcoal absorbs gasses and toxins from the gut.
Charcoal has a combination of actions, it is an anti-flatulent and it also has adsorbent action. Charcoal acts as a sponge and absorbs gas, odours & toxins while breaking up gas bubbles in the gut, which makes the gas easier to eliminate from the body.



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Always read the label. ask your pharmacist Bloateze Facebook

The product is a bi-layered tablet containing simethicone 50mg and activated carbon, 300mg.

Simethicone acts as an anti-surfactant, breaking down gas and wind in the gut, and the very fine particles of carbon act as an adsorbant, thus reducing gas and toxins in the gut. Neither of these ingredients is absorbed in to your system, which means that Bloateze is a very well tolerated treatment.


Bloateze is available over the counter from your local pharmacy.
Bloateze is not a drug.


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Date of Preparation: October 2012